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Jdance Performance Studio welcomes students of all ages and with various experience backgrounds - from beginners through to advanced and professional levels. The classes are for all to enjoy offering expert, quality, caring tuition in all aspects of dance and the performing arts. Our aim is to teach students to be the very best they can be whilst enjoying their dance experience. Students can and will achieve their very best if they enjoy their chosen hobby.

If you are dancing for your own enjoyment and satisfaction or if you are hoping that

one day you may wish a career in dance, we hope that at "Jdance Performance Studio"

you will find dancing an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


Jdance has all the class timetables colour coded in ages. Many of the younger age groups overlap. Students are placed in classes based primarily on school year and age. However, experience, ability and friends are also important factors that determine what class is best suited. New students with no experience would be be best suited in the lowest level of that age group as a starting point. Teachers will advise a different level if they feel it is unsuitable. 

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Singing Privates Also Available
By Appointment!
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Jdance Class Descriptions

Click on the pictures to view the class descriptions!
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