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After School Pi​ck-up!
Participating Schools
  • Kent Road Public School

  • Eastwood Heights Public School

  • St Anthony’s Catholic School

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Jdance Performance Studio was very excited, in 2020, to announce the introduction of our “After School Care Dance Program”. An initiative to help busy families, because at Jdance we care!!! As a solo mum (luckily of adult  children), I understand that every little bit of kindness and assistance helps!
Sign up NOW!
Limited Space!

Would you love for your child to have the opportunity to take dance classes but just can’t find the time in your busy schedule?

Kent Road
Public School
St Anthony's
Catholic School
Eastwood Heights 
Public School

                                                                    Family Life Is Super Busy...        
                                                        Somewhere between work, school pick up, groceries, dinner
and  homework you gotta make time for fun! This is where we come in. 
Let us take care of your most important job – your kids! We will safely transport
your child/ren directly from their school to our facility where they can relax and attend  fun dance classes and activities – all before dinnertime! For working families who struggle with the time constraint of these types of activities being traditionally after school, our “After School Care Dance Program” will give your children, both boys and girls, those dancing classes they have been dreaming about. Qualified dance teachers will provide your children with the opportunity to participate in classes in a variety of dance styles. Jdance “After School Care Dance Program” is a place where children can be, belong and become. Our qualified and experienced teachers design and deliver high-quality dance programs. We are accredited
by the Australian Government Kids Guardian as a child-safe organisation. Ensuring a safe environment for children and young people is our highest priority. Jdance is a benchmark organisation for best practice processes to keep children and young people safe, andwe value and respect parents as
partners in the care and education of their children.

The After School Dance Program is an amazing service that allows children to be picked up from school every Friday by our supervised “Walking Bus” and brought directly to the studio!
For select local schools Friday afternoons.

Jdance offers a complimentary
pick up and “Walking Bus”. Meeting
place will be allocated before the first pick up date! Our staff will wear a Jdance logo T-shirt or jacket. As the
students arrive to studio, they
will have snack time (provided),
and unwind
for a little free
                   Following snack time
students will participate in
a range of scheduled
classes & activities.
There is also the option of a
Tap Dance Class add on.
Classes change each half
an hour for students to allow
them variety and allow
them to stay focussed
What to wear for Dance Class :
Optional Jdance uniform orblack coloured stretch clothing suitable to move in!Jazz shoes, sports shoes or bare feet! Tap shoes if adding this additional option.

Enrolment and Tuition Fees: 6pm Pick-Up
$39.95 per week - invoiced on a school term basis!
Annual Registration Fee: $45 (1st child), $30 (2nd child),
$20 (3rd child) 

OPTIONAL EXTRA Tap Class - 30 minutes.

***6.45pm pick up!
$7.70 per week - invoiced on a school term basis!

Late Pick Up Fees:
6.10 - 6.30pm. $10
6.30 - 6.45pm. +$22
6.45 - 7.00pm. +$38.50

An Additional $1/minute applies after 7pm

***Invoiced and payable within 7days.

All participants must fill out and submit the registration form and

sign the walking bus waiver online in the Member Portal. 
There is a 4 week  cancellation policy once enrolled.

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