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"Here at Jdance, we believe classes are an investment in child's health and happiness"

"Uncle Bill" - the relative you love to hate! I know him well, Jdance as a business has it's own "unfair" share of "Uncle Bills".  As much as the staff love the children and I, they can't work for free. So regretfully you will receive invoice/statements for classes enrolled. Here are the basics payment terms in easy point form.
* Enrolment fee and 10% deposit paid upon  online enrolment.
* Fees due within 4 weeks of receiving balance once term starts. 
* Automated late fee of $10 applied after 7 days in arrears. 
* Payment methods: Credit Card in the portal (surcharge 2.9% +30c), Direct Bank Transfer pls email  receipt) or cash in person. 
*Multiple Class/Family Discounts apply automatically within the Online Dance Management System as structured by Jdance.
* Download fees/investment below!






"Be Kind".

Jdance has ZERO tolerance to bullying. Say something nice or "SHOOSH!

Jdance respects & follows the legal minefield of business laws. The policies are fairly standard throughout dance, fitness and childcare industries. These are read and agreed upon in the enrolment process. Boring but necessary! I've chosen not to include on the website for that reason and because what's far more important and valuable is basic RESPECT, KINDNESS & ACTION. Respect others and others property! Be kind, it's free. If you notice someone upset,  or just something that unsettles you! Stand up, speak up and take action.  And lastly COMMONSENSE -"use it"  & COMMUNICATION. 
Redeem Active & Creative Vouchers Here
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Please read the Jdance submission dates in
the information provided below!
Withdrawal Form
4 Weeks Notice As Accepted Upon Annual Registration 

Thanks for submitting!


The Online Portal

We've been working hard on new improvements for our Jdance family. 



The Online Portal!

You can now log in to your online account to enrol in classes, manage & update student information, check account balance, make online payments, view schedule, download class video/music files , notify absenteeism and keep updated with newsletter and and studio updates..... AND MORE!!!

Online Registration

Our new and improved website offers online registration. No need to call or email to enrol in a new class, simply log in or create an account to sign up and register today!

Jdance Portal Enrolment process:

- Create account

- Add in all enrolling students, in your immediate family only, on the one account.

- Enter personal information. Please use this format for phone numbers +61409?????? (+61 Omit the  first Zero of your mobile number)

- Pick your classes by ticking the box next to the class you wish to enrol and be sure to press submit at the bottom of the full class list!. Jdance has set up the portal to only allow access to classes specific to students age! We have allowed a bumper of 1 year either side. Please ensure birthdate is correct! If you are unable to enrol in a class of your choice, please contact Jdance:

- To finalise enrolment, please pay the compulsory registration fee and 10% deposit. Payment can made online in the portal via Credit Card. 2.9% + 0.30 cent Credit Card fees are additional. If you wish to pay by Direct Deposit, to avoid Credit Card fees, the Jdance account details are as follows:

Account Name: Jennifer Engelmann

BSB: 112 879

Acc No: 064 319 678

If using this option, enrolment into classes will not be finalised until Jdance manually processes the payment. There may be a delay as Jdance waits for funds to appear in their account and we only provide this manual processing service once a week at a minimum! Please send payment receipt via email to assist admin:

- Creative and Active vouchers can be used when paying balance once you receive your full statement but not for initial registration.

Details regarding submitting these vouchers will be released soon.

- You are unable to drop classes online. If wishing to discontinue classes before the conclusion of the year, 4 weeks notification must be made by filling out our special "WITHDRAWAL REQUEST FORM". This will be an online form created on the Jdance website soon!

Please note once again this is a brand new software program. Mistakes and teething problems could arise. 

Please be patient during this time and always check your personal accounts for errors. 

Invoices and statement are E and OE. 

Past Jdance students, if your 2022 class pricing seems unreasonably higher than 2021, please contact Jdance to discuss. The discounting process is automated using software provided tables that don't align exactly the same as our past manual system! Whilst all care has been taken implementing the discounting scale, it is inevitable that some scenarios will not be perfect. So please, communication is key.

Jdance Club Capped Packages: Jdance must manually overwrite the automated system! Please inform Jdance if you think you are eligible.

* Adult Zumba classes are not required to pay the yearly registration fee and the system has been automatically set up not to charge. Please set up a portal account for contact details, waiver and class email notifications .You are not required to enrol in the class. Instead go to  "Dance Cards", located in the "Account" dropdown menu at the top your portal, and purchase a single or discounted multi class card! Alternatively you can pay cash at the studio prior to class participation.

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