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A Covid Message from Miss Jenny

Being a small business owner and teacher of dance, I just wanted to put

a little thought out to people regarding Covid.

In dance we have practiced social distancing long before Covid!

Spacial awareness is a

big lesson we have always learnt and taught in dance! The children all go to school together,

so let’s not keep them from Dance! Covid and any form of virus or illness is

important to be aware of and keep at bay,

however it is in the best interests of social and emotional wellness that life must go on!

Jdance will offer live stream, in conjunction with in studio classes, for those unwell.

That way students can stay active and involved 100%. Please notify Jdance if you require

a live stream and we will do our best to accomodate. 

I have firsthand witnessed the behavioural and emotional impact of past lockdowns in my students!

It is not ideal nor the answer! Education in safety and awareness is key! My daughter 'Miss Ashleigh’

is 19 years old and no longer in school! In the 2 years since leaving, the friends who still stick

around and are sensible, well rounded girls, are her dance friends! I do believe that

dance friends are for life! In the end we all want the same thing.  For our kids to be happy!

So, whether it be dance or any other activity, keep them involved

and teach them respect, loyalty and commitment!

Zoom ~ Floor Distancing Stickers ~ Signage ~ Sanitizer ~ Extra Cleaning
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